Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

No more pain ....

No more pain big brother. You have always been the light that guides me! You are the greatest warrior and most loving man I´ve ever known. 
Nie wieder Schmerzen großer Bruder. Du warst immer das Licht, das mit geleitet hat! You warst der größte Kämper und am meisten geliebter Mann, den ich je kannte.
Don Swayze, 14.September 2009  

Heute wiederholt sich der Todestag von Patrick Swayze bereits zum 7 mal. Es ist kaum zu glauben, dass es schon so lange her ist, dass Patrick seiner schweren Krankheit erlegen ist. Ich kann mich heute noch sehr gut an diesen Morgen erinnern. Die Reaktionen auf diese Nachricht. Donnys Kommentar im Gästebuch lies keine Zweifel daran offen.

Dieser Morgen hatte eines gezeigt: Egal wie sehr man mit einer derartigen Nachricht rechnet, und natürlich mussten alle jederzeit damit rechnen, so hart trifft es einen doch. Die Gemeinschaft, die sich aus den drei Fanseiten entwickelt hatte, sie waren in diesem Moment vereint in der tiefen Trauer, die auch nach 7 Jahren nicht sehr viel weniger ist.

Doch auch noch 7 Jahre nachdem der Tod seinem Kampf ein Ende gesetzt hat gibt es noch immer kein Heilmittel. Wir sollten den Forschern doch mal kräftig auf die Füsse treten. Es kann nicht sein, das jemand mit dieser Diagnose gleich von einem Todesurteil spricht. Menschen, wie Patrick Swayze, brauchen in erster Linie Hoffnung auf Heilung.

Wir, als Fangemeinschaft, sollten alles in unserer Macht liegende tun, damit die Forschung voran kommt und damit es mehr Menschen gibt, die diesen Kampf gewinnen können. Krebs sollte nicht länger mehr die Geißel der Menschen sein. Das Beispiel, das Patrick Swayze uns allen gegeben hat, das sollte niemand vergessen.

Donnerstag, 18. August 2016


Happy Birthday!

Today it is Patricks 64th Birthday, and I think for all of us, it is not easy to understand that he only can celebrate this in heaven. 

We will remember him, in his movies and his music. 
I think, if she would released a disc of his songs for the foundation, there will be a run of it. But I am sure, SHE will never do this. 

So ... let us celebrate and dance!

Love and Light

Montag, 13. Juni 2016

6 years later ....

Good morning @ all,

I thought, this would be an interesting title for this day.
There is a song here in Germany with exactly this title ... and it is this what I am feeling in the last weeks.
Ok, first, this what I write today is not really for Julia, Simone, Sandy and Birte ... wow really only 4 names? Wait, I forgot "Little Flame" (R.I.P.) in these list ... after all, I am really sorry, that she was out of these community.
In the best times, of these community we had more as 60 users only in the german board. The most of them said always, that this will be stay, no matter what will happen to HIM. For a lot means this a few months .. for someone only a few days or weeks.
Are we really forget so fast? I can understand this. Sorry ... was there really only one person? Why I asked that? We talked about so much things, not only about one family.
In the last months, I worked with a special person. She want to do something for others, but what did she earned? It looks like that these community around Patrick and Don forgot all of these, what we had 6 years ago. OK, to be fair, I had to say, that not only we as Users forgot ...
It seems that these family forgot too. I have to say, that I have only one member of this family in my friendlist on facebook. I think this is really enough. I have "subscribed" in Facebook a part, you can do that, yes. I wonder because sometimes seriously, what form a viewed. Are they special because they carry a famous name? Sorry, but the names are superfluous to the people that count. Sometimes I ask myself: Are they so arrogant or do they just pretending like this?
It might be crazy like: I know someone who wants to do something really good to  the members of this family. But what are they doing to this person? She is treated condescendingly, as if she were to ask those otherwise something to do, but she didn't asked for something. So why? Because the can not imagine that someone is doing something, without expected something return, maybe only a "Thank you".  No, honestly, I would get in the meantime, nothing more. Well, I'd still some incident, but sorry, but I was too well bred.
Don't understand me wrong. I don't talk about this person who is perfect to hidden himself. I hope that I am here not wrong, but this I will learn in the next weeks.

About what I am talking?

Who know me, knows, that I don't have the chance to do something like this ... but I know someone who can and who does. 

My question ... what would you doing now? ... .

Die deutsche Fassung könnt ihr im Stiftungsblog lesen!

Donnerstag, 28. April 2016


Hi @ all

I know, at the moment, the board is not very busy, but you know ... sometimes you`re just busy. In the last days very busy.
Not only that I start to work, a reason is, that the old guestbook isn`t working anymore, and so I have to find a new way.

I think, you all want, that the entries are save, and so I copy all of them into the guestbook in the board. There you can post as member also as guest. I hope you will use this.

Oh and be sure, there are some news in the background. 

Freitag, 25. März 2016

Happy Eastern ...

We wish all of you Happy Eastern ... make the best you can, with the free time you have. 
Enjoy the time with these people, who you love ... you will never know, how long you will stay togehter. 
Be careful with the feelings ... and take good care of you!

Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

Fight against Pancreatic Cancer ...

... to honor a big fighter.

In the last weeks, I had a lot of opportunity tho thinking back at the time, as a lot was visiting and using die Fanpage of Don Swayze. Of course I mean the boards too. We had a strong community, at it looks that some good internet-friendships are born.

If I now check the internet, yes I see a lot pictures of Patrick, remember a big actor. But, what is to remember a big fighter? He was incredibel in his fight against his illness, and this community was it too. 6 years ago, we gave us the promise, that we will stay always together, no matter what will happen. For some of us, this counts today, but the most are gone.

Yes I know, I wasn't always able to do it. I remember a telephone call, as I was not in the mode to talk with someone, and directly as I finished this call, I was sorry, that I don't had the strenght to listened. But I can't turn the clock back.

I don`t know, why this is happen, but right now, we have the chance to continue the fight of Patrick. Not to post picture of him, but to try to find a cure for this terrible illness. But for that, we have to stay together, as this community we was during his illness.

A few month ago I received an email of a fan. Yes, it was directly after here in germany runs "Dirty Dancing" and a documentary on a tv-station. She wants to make something, so that there will find a cure. Of course it is a long way, but really she can`t do it not alone.

She has now set up a foundation to find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer, so that nobody has feel the pain like Patrick has. We remember what Donny said in the Guestbook: "No more pain ..." that is, what Anette wants. No more victims of cancer, no more family member, who are struggling with the grief.

This will be a long way, and brings up a lot of memory for all of us. I believe, that together, we will have a chance, together as community, as friends. All of us, hopeful together with a very strong brother. Yes I know, he will have the strenght to continue the fight. He will never give up.

I remember, as Donny told us about this:

And yes after all this years ... you know me. 

I'm not someone, who ask you for help, if I'm not sure, that this will be a good thing. But also I know, that this will be a long and hard way. But I am sure, that we as community we can do so much more, as only post pictures. To honor him, we have to continue his fight. What did you think? 

What can we do? Share the link of the foundation, so that so much as possible will know it. Post question if your not sure. You will get an answer. Yes, at the moment it is in german, but if you translater don't working, so let me know. There is always a way! 

To say clear: This foundation have Patricks name, not to make money with him, but to continue his amazing fight against these illness, to honor him and his family. As a strong community we can achieve so much more as a single person. 

Will you help us? 

I post here the links of this foundation ... please click the like button on facebook, it is for a good reason. Please post a comment at the Blog. Share it so good as you can. For him and for his family (special Donny). 

Help Anette, that no more a brother have to say: No more pain big brother!

Here are now the links: 

Love and light

Freitag, 5. Februar 2016


I am sorry, that the guestbook is not working at the moment, it's seemt that this Problem will be stay for a while.
So I put a directly link to this blog, and say welcome for all of you. To post something here click to the comment, and it works for all. No matter if you have google+ or not. For help just send me a message.

What's new ... I think for all of us could be the new PanCanFoundation be interesting. This will be keep Patricks spirit alive to find a cure for this kind of cancer. I really hope, that you all will help.

Here I have the directly link to the official Facebook-Page:

Es tut mir leid, aber das Gästebuch arbeitet zur Zeit leider nicht. Es sieht so aus, als ob das ein größeres Problem ist und noch eine Weile so bleiben wird. 
Deshalb habe ich nun diesen Blog direkt verlinkt und heiße euch alle willkommen. Wollt ihr etwas schreiben, dann nutzt einfach die Kommentarfunktion, das funktioniert für alle und es spielt keine Rolle, ob ihr google+ habt oder nicht. Wer Hilfe benötigt, der sendet mir einfach eine Nachricht. 

Was gibt es Neues ... ich glaube, dass die neu gegründete PanCan Stiftung für uns alle interessant sein könnte. Diese möchte Patricks Kampf für ein Mittel gegen den Krebs aufrecht erhalten. Ich hoffe, das ihr alle dabei helfen werdet. 

Hier habe ich mal den direkten Link zur offiziellen Facebookseite:

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

Happy New Year 2016

The team of the website wish everyone a happy and successful new year! 
Sorry, but the guestbook isn't working at the moment, but we try to work on it. With the directly link you can open it, but this is not really a help. So we try a new way. If you all like it, we can stay on it. 

If someone want to post here too ... send me a pm, that will work. 
You can post also as guest, so you don't need a googlemailaccount. 

Das Team der Fanseite wünscht euch allen ein erfolgreiches und gesunden Neuer Jahr!
Es tut uns leid, aber das Gästebuch funktioniert derzeit nicht und wir können nur warten, bis von dort aus der Fehler behoben wird. Klar, mit dem direkten Link könnt ihr es öffnen, aber das ist ja nun auch keine Dauerlösung. So versuchen wir mal einen neuen Weg und wenn er euch gefällt, dann lassen wir es dabei!

Falls jemand hier auch posten möchte, dann schickt mir eine pm, das ist dann auch möglich. 
Ihr könnt als Gäste antworten, braucht also keinen googlemailaccount. 

Love and Light