Montag, 13. Juni 2016

6 years later ....

Good morning @ all,

I thought, this would be an interesting title for this day.
There is a song here in Germany with exactly this title ... and it is this what I am feeling in the last weeks.
Ok, first, this what I write today is not really for Julia, Simone, Sandy and Birte ... wow really only 4 names? Wait, I forgot "Little Flame" (R.I.P.) in these list ... after all, I am really sorry, that she was out of these community.
In the best times, of these community we had more as 60 users only in the german board. The most of them said always, that this will be stay, no matter what will happen to HIM. For a lot means this a few months .. for someone only a few days or weeks.
Are we really forget so fast? I can understand this. Sorry ... was there really only one person? Why I asked that? We talked about so much things, not only about one family.
In the last months, I worked with a special person. She want to do something for others, but what did she earned? It looks like that these community around Patrick and Don forgot all of these, what we had 6 years ago. OK, to be fair, I had to say, that not only we as Users forgot ...
It seems that these family forgot too. I have to say, that I have only one member of this family in my friendlist on facebook. I think this is really enough. I have "subscribed" in Facebook a part, you can do that, yes. I wonder because sometimes seriously, what form a viewed. Are they special because they carry a famous name? Sorry, but the names are superfluous to the people that count. Sometimes I ask myself: Are they so arrogant or do they just pretending like this?
It might be crazy like: I know someone who wants to do something really good to  the members of this family. But what are they doing to this person? She is treated condescendingly, as if she were to ask those otherwise something to do, but she didn't asked for something. So why? Because the can not imagine that someone is doing something, without expected something return, maybe only a "Thank you".  No, honestly, I would get in the meantime, nothing more. Well, I'd still some incident, but sorry, but I was too well bred.
Don't understand me wrong. I don't talk about this person who is perfect to hidden himself. I hope that I am here not wrong, but this I will learn in the next weeks.

About what I am talking?

Who know me, knows, that I don't have the chance to do something like this ... but I know someone who can and who does. 

My question ... what would you doing now? ... .

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